The Rocketbook Wave: The Only Notebook You Can Erase & Reuse Up To 5 Times

The Rocketbook Wave: The Only Notebook You Can Erase & Reuse Up To 5 Times

May 26, 2017

Do you find yourself constantly going through paper notebooks? Another work week, another notebook used up and more money down the drain. What if we told you there is a notebook you can reuse up to five times? Well, there is – say hello to the Rocketbook Wave! The Rocketbook Wave is a huge factor for notebook costs, team collaboration and productivity. 

About the Rocketbook Wave 

The Rocketbook Wave provides you, the creator, with the freedom of a pen and paper notebook, but also instantly blasts your notes into the cloud using your smartphone. You get the best of both words with the pen-to-paper feel, and the technology of the cloud. The Pilot FriXion pen that comes with your Rocketbook Wave allows you to erase your notes using just a microwave – it’s as simple as that! 

Go Green with This Reusable Notebook 

When we say “reusable,” we mean it! You can erase and reuse your Rocketbook Wave up to five times! The Pilot FriXion pen ink turns clear at 140 degrees F / 60 degrees C, and the Rocketbook Wave is specially constructed to be microwave safe!

After you’ve filled your Rocketbook Wave with tons of notes and awesome doodles using the Pilot Frixion pen, just place your Wave face up onto the rotating glass turntable in the microwave. Fill a coffee mug ¾ full with water, and place it inside the circle near the center of the notebook. Press start, and microwave your Rocketbook Wave until the logo turns from dark to light. Keep an eye on the logo, and make sure to hit STOP when you see the change in color. Follow these easy steps and boom – your Rocketbook Wave is as good as new! 

Why Customers Love the Rocketbook Wave 

Other than the fact that it can be reused up to five times, customers love the Rocketbook Wave for a number of things, such as the collaboration, organization and cloud integrations. 

Collaborate: Boost your team’s productivity by sharing handwritten notes or diagrams via email or by sharing cloud folders. 

Organize: The Rocketbook Wave has marking symbols on the bottom of each page, which makes it easy to send high-res images to certain cloud destinations that have been pre-configured in the Rocketbook app. 

Scan It to The Cloud: Our scan technology makes it easy and stress-free to send your notes directly to the cloud. Simply hold your smartphone above your Rocketbook Wave, and in milliseconds our app detects the page, scans it and produces high-quality images right to the cloud. 

If you want to use the Rocketbook Wave in your home, office, classroom or workplace, call us at (866) 377-6965 today if you have any questions or want to place an order. We can customize your Rocketbooks for any event, collaborative team, or in the classroom!