Rocketbook: The Promotional Product Everyone Will Want At Your Marketing Events

Rocketbook: The Promotional Product Everyone Will Want At Your Marketing Events

May 26, 2017

Promotional products are a fact of corporate life. The question is: Do they work for event promotion? The answer is a resounding "Yes." And they do it cost-effectively. When it comes to the cost per number of impressions, promotional products often beat out other marketing tools. For instance, the average cost per impression for a shirt is 0.005 cents while the average cost per impression for television advertising is 0.19 cents, according to a report by the Advertising Specialty Institute

But choosing the right promotional product for event marketing isn't easy. Thousands of promotional items exist, but they're not all created equal. Since businesses have needs of their own, companies often run several event promotions simultaneously—with each campaign using a different promotional item to achieve a different marketing purpose. So, picking an item that’s appropriate for your event promotion is a challenge.  

Rocketbook is an ideal product for event promotions. Cloud-oriented, Rocketbook is the World’s first intelligent re-usable notebook, and offers benefits other promotional products can’t match. Rocketbook provides the freedom of a traditional pen and paper notebook, while instantly blasting your notes into the cloud using your smartphone. And when you use Pilot FriXion pens with the Wave notebook, you can erase your notes using your microwave oven and reuse your notebook. Recent customers include Accenture Digital, Mashup, Hubspot, Intel, NASA, Connect-D, and Onepoint.

Below are seven tips to help you choose the perfect promotional item for promoting an event:

1. Research your target audience — The type of audience attending the event helps determine the giveaway. What works for one audience may not work for another. Ideally, you want a product that's both useful and enjoyable. Rocketbooks are both, so they'd make great promotional items for many event promotions. But the only way you'll get to know that is if you study your target audience.  

2. Determine a budget early — Some experts say you need to spend five percent of your revenues on an ad budget. Other experts use a different percentage. Savvy marketers use a different approach. They first determine their goal, then they determine what it costs to reach the goal. That's their budget. Do the same with event promotions. Rocketbooks are both cost-effective and versatile. As wholesale items, they’ll fit into the budgets of a wide variety of marketing events. 

3. Think about your brand image — Consistency is the watchword when talking about event promotion and brand image. Consistency breeds trust, which is why companies often repeat logos, color schemes, even typefaces on their products. Rocketbooks present a can't-miss opportunity to show off your brand's image and build trust. You can order custom-branded Rocketbooks with a logo and create a buzz at your event.   

4. Choose something new and different — Some companies fall into a rut when it comes to giveaways for event promotions. Other companies have "signature" promotional items. Don't give out the same old, same old at your events. You want to choose something that's fresh, unique, and impactful. With Rocketbook, you’ll be associating yourself with the most talked about notebook on the market today.  

5. Take quality over quantity — Quality matters in event promotion. Giving away cheap useless products is a waste of time. You associate your company with cheap and useless. Instead, choose a giveaway that not only lasts a long time but also makes a lasting impression. With Rocketbook, you can do things like add tip-in sheets to a branded Rocketbook Wave. Attendees can tear away the tip-in sheets after the event and continue using the notebook.  

6. Serves your purpose — Make sure the promotional product you choose suits your purpose, just as you would do if you were creating an ad. Are you trying to increase awareness? Is the item for a special event promotion? Do you want to provide users with something fun and exciting? Let your intended goal determine your promotional item. Rocketbooks are versatile enough to work for conferences, events, or meetings. For example, you can give away branded RocketPads for notes at breakout sessions during conferences and meetings. 

7. Get trendy — You want to be progressive in your thinking with event promotions. So, ask yourself what's trending right now in your marketplace. Look at what products are hot before deciding on what you want as a promotional item. Rocketbook fits in with what's happening today technology-wise. It's also unique among notebooks. Who wouldn't want to have one for free? 

Keep these seven tips in mind when choosing a promotional product for your next event promotion. They'll help you choose a giveaway that fits your exact needs. Also, if you're looking for an eco-friendly item that will send a clear message to attendees, consider the Rocketbook. It's ideal for promoting your company at conferences, events, meetings, and a host of other marketing activities.