Innovations in Note Taking by Rocketbook

Innovations in Note Taking by Rocketbook

May 31, 2017

Do you take a lot of notes? How many paper notebooks do you still use? Have you made the switch to apps to digitize your note taking? Most Construction professionals take a tremendous amount of notes about issues for the project they work on. It is interesting to hear how many people still prefer to write notes on paper pads or notebooks. These notes are trapped in what the ConTechTrio refers to as the “Carbon Locker”. They are inaccessible to other team members and they information cannot be analyzed as digital data can be.

Do you wish that you could save or share your notes into a cloud platform? What if there was a way to still document the things that you observe or need to do, but could also back them up and share them through a cloud based platform?

The Rocketbook team created the innovative Wave Smart Notebook to capture and digitize hand written notes, diagrams and sketches. The Wave’s notebook pages have a grid pattern to make it easy to draw out lines or other shapes. At the bottom of the page users can select one of seven different icons to scan, share and store their notes. The icons can be associated with various cloud platforms such as Box, Google Drive, Evernote and more.

One of the most unique features of the Wave is that you can erase the pages and start using this Smart Notebook again! Users simply place the Wave in their microwave, place a coffee mug full of water on top, and set the time for four minutes. Once the blue colored ticket symbol disappears the Wave has been erased and is ready to reuse.

After I tried out the Wave  and tested out the features I shared it with the other members of the ConTechTrio. Both James and Josh have tried out the Rocketbook App and Wave Smart Notebook.

James Benham: CEO for JBKnowledge

“While the concept of microwaving your notebook is a bit foreign to most, it’s a brilliant concept for being able to combine paper and digital.” 

Josh Bone: BIM GURU for JBKnowledge

“This notebook combines the comfort of traditional note taking with just the right amount of technology to improve the way I capture and store my notes.”

The ConTechTrio recently featured the app and smart notebook on Episode #49. Listen to our discussion about them (CLICK HERE).

To learn more about the Wave Smartnote book go to (CLICK HERE).

Have you tried out the Wave yet? If so, please leave a comment below about your experience with this Smart Notebook.


SOURCE: ConAppGuru