Boost Sponsorship Revenue at Your Event with These Simple Tips & Tricks

Boost Sponsorship Revenue at Your Event with These Simple Tips & Tricks

June 05, 2017

Crafting a successful sponsorship strategy can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start, or don’t know which sponsors to reach out to. Convincing sponsors to support you and your event can be tricky, and they want something valuable in return, such as recognition and linked advertising. 

 If you think you can have a successful event without sponsorship revenue – think again. Sponsorship is extremely important for any event because it drives revenue, boosts publicity and brand awareness, and helps build industry relationships. Read these tips and tricks on how to boost sponsorship revenue at your next event. 

Be the Attendee 

If you want to have a successful event, you should think about what the attendee wants. Picture yourself as an attendee at your own event; What would you like to see? What event swag would you like to get? Be in the attendees’ shoes, and make sure you’re giving them the best possible experience at your event. Review your sponsored elements and make sure everything you’re offering your event attendees enhances their experience at your event. Keep your sponsors in mind too, and make sure you’re giving them opportunities that you know will pay off for them. 

Quality Over Quantity 

Always stick with quality over quantity when it comes to event swag. If you offer too many promo products at your event, you might confuse the buyer and your quality will suffer. Offer your sponsors great brand exposure on a quality product, such as logo placement on your event attendees’ Rocketbook Wave. Not only will the Rocketbook Wave offer your sponsors great brand exposure, but your event attendees will love everything the Rocketbook Wave has to offer. It’s a win, win for sponsors, event attendees, and you – the event organizer. 

Don’t Forget About Existing Event Sponsors 

Existing event sponsors are still here for a reason: They believe in your organization and are benefitting from sponsoring your event. You’ve already done the hard work of explaining to them why they benefit from sponsoring your event, and have them on board. When going back to current sponsors for more, create a custom sponsorship element specifically made for them, and explain to them how this extended sponsorship will benefit their company even more. 

Use Social Media to Your Benefit 

Thanks to social media, event organizers have a powerful tool to reach out to prospective sponsors and give current sponsors the recognition they’re looking for. Drive social media engagement by offering sponsored giveaways on your social channels. Reward your audience for posting on social media with a certain hashtag from your event, or tagging your event’s profile. 

You can run a sweepstakes, contest or small incentives for every post. Whichever you decide to do, ask your sponsors to support your social media campaign by offering incentives. When you work with sponsors to offer valuable incentives, not only does it boost your sponsorship revenue, but it’s rewarding for your social media audience, and helps show the sponsor’s value. 

Offer Unique Real Estate for Sponsors’ Logos 

Sponsors don’t want to spend money just to have their logo placed on a pen, or the bottom of a banner no one sees anyway. Sponsors want to place their logo on a product that catches the eye of every event attendee – Unique products like the Rocketbook Wave can do exactly that. The Rocketbook Wave offers unique brand exposure at events because the Wave is a smart notebook where event attendees can jot down notes, list, etc. and send them directly to the cloud via smartphone. 

Customize the Rocketbook Waves for your event with custom covers and a custom insert page, listing your event’s agenda, speakers and sponsors. The Rocketbook Wave offers one-of-a-kind real estate for sponsors to place their logo. If you want the Rocketbook Wave at your next event, call us at (866) 377-6965 to place an order.