All-In-One Agenda & Notebook: Customize Your Rocketbook Wave for Any Event

All-In-One Agenda & Notebook: Customize Your Rocketbook Wave for Any Event

May 31, 2017

How convenient would it be if you could have your agenda, notes, to-do lists and guest list for your event all-in-one? With the customizable Rocketbook Waves you can! The Rocketbook Wave is every event planner, event speaker and event sponsors’ dream.  Having your event agenda and notebook all-in-one makes it so much easier for you to stay organized, and on top of your event. 

Customize Your Rocketbook Wave for Your Event 

Make a statement at your next event with the customizable Rocketbook Wave. Event attendees, event speakers, and event sponsors will love the fact that you can fully customize the Rocketbook Wave with a unique cover, insert page and custom-branded logo. 

When we say the Rocketbook Wave is a unique, customizable product, we mean there’s literally nothing else like it on the market. Your custom-branded Rocketbook Wave will be the first of its kind, and you can customize it any way you’d like for your event. 

Benefits of Having a Custom Rocketbook Wave at Your Next Event 

Not only can you customize your Rocketbook Wave with a custom cover, insert page and logo, but you can magically save your notes, lists and other important event information directly to the cloud. When it’s in the cloud, you can email it out to your event vendors, sponsors, speakers and attendees. 

Other Benefits:

• Convenience Factor: Instantly blast notes to the cloud using your smartphone. 

• Vibrant Notes: The Rocketbook app crops & enhances every page so your digital notes are crisp, clear and vivid.

• Easy Organization: Symbols at the bottom of each page in your Rocketbook Wave allow you to send your notes to specific location in the cloud services you already use. 

• Reusable: Erase and reuse your Rocketbook Wave up to five times – Say what?!

Go Green with This Reusable Notebook

That’s right – Save paper, time and money with the reusable Rocketbook Wave; It’s every event planner’s dream! When you use the Pilot FriXion pen with your Rocketbook Wave, you can erase your notes simply using your microwave oven. Seriously – it’s as easy as that. For microwave erase instructions, click here

Next time you’re planning an event, let the customizable Rocketbook Wave all-in-one notebook and agenda help! If you want to generate buzz at your next event with the Rocketbook Wave, call us at (866) 377-6965 to place an order. We can customize your Rocketbooks for any event and collaborative team.